The Churches of St Etheldreda

and St Luke



Tel: 01707 256 638


Visit Us

We would like to welcome you to either of our churches. 

Whether you are interested in coming to see see what's going on, from being simply curious to being a committed Christian, or just wanting to view our historical buildings, we aim to welcome you.


You can see details of all our online services HERE.

In addition to our services, our churches are normally open at the following times each week:

St Luke's - Saturday 10am to 4pm

We run a wide range of reguar services and activities. All are very welcome at any of these activities:


9am - Morning prayer at St Etheldreda's 
A popular, yet simple service of prayer and readings. During this service we pray for individuals in need, the community we serve, and each other.


9am - Morning Prayer at St Etheldreda's
10am - Holy Communion at St Luke's
A simple said eucharist.


7pm - Eucharist at St Etheldreda's
A beautiful candlelit eucharist.


9.30am - Holy Communion at St Etheldreda's
Sung by the Parish Choir. 
This service lasts just over an hour and is particularly popular with young people and families.  A growing Sunday School takes place during the service which is full of great activities for youngsters. On the third Sunday of each month, all ages remain in the service throughout, with the service and sermon focused on young members of the congregation. 

11.30am - Holy Communion with Hymns at St Luke's
This service lasts for just over an hour. It is an intimate Holy Communion service with hymns, readings and sermon.

6.30pm - Evensong at St Etheldreda's (an occasional service at different times of the church year).
Sung by the Parish Choir.
All are welcome to this beautiful evening service of readings, prayers and preaching which follows the traditional order. The service lasts just over an hour and it is reflective in mood and a wonderful way to end the day.

For more information on visiting St Etheldreda's and St Luke's churches click on the links on the left.

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